February 15, 2012

Spring and a bit of worry

Little Girl's Delight by Jane Wooster Scott
This morning I was surprised to hear the chirping of a large gathering of birds right outside my window.  Could spring really be around the corner?  I'm looking forward to the green grass returning and the longer days.  But a piece of me is apprehensive, still, to welcome spring just yet.

Art festivals are around the corner.
So far I think I've applied to about a dozen.  A dozen!  Phew, just thinking about what it would be like if I actually get accepted into a dozen art shows...wonderful, flattering, delightful yet scary, intimidating, daunting.

I was listening to this interview a few days ago of an artist named Greg LaRock.  He said that if you want to grow as an artist, you have to do things that are above you, bigger than you, more than what you think you have.  Look at what the artists that you aspire to be are doing, and do what they do.  Apply for shows, for instance, that are outside your comfort zone to push you into becoming that artist you aspire to be.

I have to do that.  There is no other route.
And it's very scary.
Very very scary.

I'm not sure what I'm doing or if I'm doing it the "right" way.  What is the "right" way anyways?  All I know is that I want to paint.  So, pray for me if you would.  I want to do things the "right" way, which is His way.

In the meantime, my mind is soothed with these lovely house portraits by Rebekka Seale, whose work reminds me of folk artist Jane Wooster Scott.
Rebekka Seale house portrait

Have a lovely Wednesday, friends!

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