February 16, 2012

a girl and her sheep

When the cold basement feels a little too imposing, I bring my paints upstairs and watch as it dries while Seth and I talk or laugh at our favorite tv shows.

While I was sitting in my comfy chair, I couldn't help but think of my sheep painting.  Laying in the background is one of favorite parts of any painting and seeing that clean white background was much too tempting.  Painting backgrounds gives me a chance to use my bigger brushes and play with pools of water.  See how the two colors are bleeding together there in the middle?  That happens when the paper is fully saturated before the paint goes on.  Once it's evenly coated with water, I slowly drop and brush in color and watch as the paint moves the pigments together.

Whoever thought watching paint dry could be so fun?

See the bottom left corner?  That dark line, like the one under the girl's feet, are from an excess of water.  The water actually pushes the paint to the very edge of the pool as it dries.  That may be why I like to paint in the backgrounds first, come to think of it.  The pooling water creates outlines around all my figures and sharpens edges around objects (like the one along the right edge of the mountain).

And that "new wintery painting" I posted about ages ago?
Well, I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow (it's been causing me some angst).
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