February 20, 2012

in the studio some more

How was your weekend, my friend?
Mine was so typically wonderful and filled with delicious food, wonderful company, and lots of steaming coffee.  My sister and I visited a bakery nearby and sat talking for hours with the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon rolls and coffee beans.  The sun came out and joined us as we made our way through a few antique stores packed with old (and new) paintings, vintage postcards and books, wonderful little floral tins, fur scarves, and lacey clothes.  It wasn't long ago when I really didn't have time to sit around and enjoy my family and friends like I can now.  My life has a much more comfortable pace now, and I'm enjoying every minute!

This Monday morning, like most mornings, I awoke with an overwhelming urge to paint.  My head has been spinning all weekend with ideas for new paintings, new possibilites, new colors, new patterns, new textures.  So many things to discover and paint!

It might not look like much, but this sheep painting I've been working on has been somewhat of a "break through" painting for me.  I've been trying a new technique that has, honestly, always intimidated me, and I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of it!  Plus, I am loving the purples and yellows and blue-ish greens that are blending so nicely in the background.  I think this young lady will find herself and her sheep in more paintings to come.  Can't you see her sitting with her ram on a hillside with a book in hand?  Or perhaps she leads them to the sea behind her for a nice cool drink...

We will see what new ideas a brewing today.
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