February 21, 2012

Custom Portraits!

Over the next few weeks I'll be introducing you to a few new ideas I've been mulling over that are finally coming to fruition!  It's so exciting for me to be able to share this new option for my loyal patrons...

custom portraits!

Essentially what I'm offering is a custom 8 x 10 inch watercolor painting of you or someone you love (perhaps a child or grandchild).  You can hang the portrait in your home or use it on your website/blog/facebook/whatever!  All you need to do is 1} purchase the listing here, 2} send me a your picture (email or snail mail), 3} wait and watch as I design a custom painting for you!

There are a few more ways to customize this lovely painting..
A} choose the floral arrangement as the border
B} choose to add a bird or critter flying overhead or perched on your shoulder
C} choose any of the colors from my palatte
D} add a handwritten name.

How exciting is that?

P.S.- Have you been noticing other new features on my blog (eh hem art lessons cough)?  I'll be introducing more in the days to come!
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