March 27, 2012

blooms from my kitchen window

Yesterday was a very gray day.  Which is why I was so pleased to see the bright blooms on our cherry tree as I pulled in the drive after work.  It seems a cloudy day was just what our little tree was waiting for. The flowering petals are so delicate and pretty.  I like to watch the birds out my kitchen window as they bounce on the branches, stuffing themselves with all the berries they can swallow.

Our little town seems to be waking up as well.  At any given moment I can usually spot at least a dozen squirrels chasing each other up trees, a flock of robins feasting on fresh worms, a nesting sparrow at the top of a telephone pole, and even a mama bunny laying on her burrow in our front yard.  And now, color!  For a painter such as myself, seeing color again is a great refreshment!  There is something about Spring light and color that brings me out of my basement studio more often.  I've even taken a liking to painting on my kitchen counter, just to be able to have fresh air and light and color.  It is so inspiring!

I hope you are enjoying this new season as well.  I'm looking forward to seeing many more pretty pictures on all of your websites!

Speaking of websites, I just wanted to make mention of my recent update.  Art shows are just around the bend, and I have been receiving acceptance (and rejection) letters left and right.  I've updated my calendar on my website with my most recent information.  Please check back often to keep up to date!
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