March 28, 2012

The Riders, Part 2

Gentle Was the Goat He Chose
6x12 in Watercolor on paper, mounted

 Gentle was the goat he chose,
a sure-footed climber was he.
Up on the rocky cliffs they rose,
high above the tallest tree.

Originally when I painted High He Rode (you can view the whole series of blog posts here), I envisioned the illustration as part of a 4 piece set.  But since I tend to work best when I can jump from one project to the next and back again, it is only now that my inspiration for the set has returned.

My vision for this particular painting has been coming together for months and is partially inspired by our trip to Colorado some time ago.  Those beautiful blue Rockies haven't left my mind since my first drive through them...

I promised they'd make their way into a painting eventually!
Now on to the third illustration in the set of four.  I really think you'll like it.
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