March 15, 2012

Custom portraits: BOYS

As you can see I'm introducing another custom portrait option into my shop today!

Luke Doolin is Adrie's little brother, the youngest of four children.  This portrait marks the second of { at least } four portraits of one of my favorite families around, the Doolins!

Luke's quite outnumbered with three big sisters, but seems to have enough personality to hold his own.  I first met little Luke at the toy shop.  He came strolling in behind his rambunctious sisters with a scowl on his face.  I can only assume he must have been feeling overwhelmed by femininity that day.  I really can't say as though I blame him... I know what it's like having three sisters!

I want each portrait to be representative of each child.  Similar but distinct.  And since Luke spent a good portion of our photoshoot climbing trees, cracking jokes, and goofing around with his dad, I definately wanted to include a funny hat and smirk with a pine needle border instead of flowers.

I'm trying to get into "the swing" of these portraits.  I absolutely love painting kids, but am just really needing more practice.  Good thing there are still two more Doolin girls to go!
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