April 27, 2012

More roses!

Three Roses
4x8 in Watercolor on paper, mounted
Here's my "Roses Square" twin as promised!  Turns out, painting flowers really isn't that difficult for me.  It's so funny how long ago memories can really influence what I choose to paint at now.  For some reason flowers have never been an area of real interest for me...which is odd considering my huge floral affinity.  What I mean to say is that although I find them breathtakingly beautiful, I've really never wanted to paint them until now.  It's all I can do to get red and pink flowers out of my head!

I think what I'm trying to say is that you just never know where the inspiration will come from.  I barely know from day to day what will strike me as beautiful, and what idea I'll toss in the trash, even though the day before I couldn't stop seeing it as a painting.  And although that can seem a bit haphazard and unpredictable and disorganized {as my husband nods his head in agreement}, I think that's what I love {and sometimes hate} the most about being a painter.  It's so completely unpredictable.

Like today for example.  I saw this sweater in Garnet Hill's summer catalog...

I intended to start a painting today of an African boy riding a lion, but now I can't stop drooling over this sweater and thinking about how wonderful it would be to paint a portrait of a girl in this sweater using my black acrylic ink and bright Grumbacher Red.  Maybe she could hold a rabbit in her arms?  Oh!  I've been wanting to paint a rabbit!

I think the lion can wait until tomorrow.
I must go and paint this portrait now before I toss the idea in the trash tomorrow!

Looks like I'll be back next week to show you new paintings! ;)
Happy Weekend!
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