April 26, 2012

Roses and a few more things...

I have much to share with you today, not the least of which is this new painting I whipped up before my rose bouquet died.  They were so gorgeous while they lasted.  Painting them is my little way of preserving their fleeting beauty.  Aren't you so glad it's Spring?  I can't wait to paint more flowers!  Like this purple bloom I discovered yesterday in my back yard.  What is it, I wonder...

Speaking of painting flowers...did you know I am now offering plein air painting classes?  The classes are designed to be a fun way of getting outdoors and an excuse to learn something new.  But don't worry, the fees are minimal- I tried to make it affordable for everyone yet still worth my trip.  Just click the yellow butterfly on the left to learn more!

Did you notice in the midst of my blog redesign that I got Twitter?  Oh gosh, I really don't know much about it at all, which is why I need your help!  Follow me, and I will follow you, and you can teach me how to use it!  What's the quota on updating anyways?  Once a day?  Twice?  Three times a day?  I'm so clueless.

Anyways, I've got much more to show you in the days to come including new paintings and studio photos.  Let's just say I've been doing some Spring cleaning, and it sure feels good!  So, when you finish your gardening and clean the dirt from your nails, check back here for a little surprise.
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