June 1, 2012

let there be lights!

After about a year of subtle begging, my studio lights have been officially installed!
No more squinting or ducking out of the way of my own shadow!
It's amazing what a couple of little switches can do in a girl's life.

"Let there be light!" she says, drunk with power.

Like I needed more incentive to hide away in my studio...
But look how clean it is!  Geesh, I could use a hardy pat on the back after cleaning and packing all day yesterday.  Doesn't it feel so good (and incredibly exhausting) to clean all day?

Well, time to switch those calendars.  My "June" features one of my favorite paintings of all time...

John Waterhouse's The Soul of the Rose

I think that's a sign that it's going to be a good month...
2 shows back to back starting this weekend.  Click the "Shows" tab if you'd like to maybe visit me at one of them.  I downloaded this album for my car ride up to the city tomorrow.  I really love it so much.

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See you next week!
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