June 29, 2012

Reia's Ram, Nadab (part 3 in the series)

My affection for these woolly sheep has not wained in the least.  I can't seem to get Reia's ram out of my mind.  So, I thought I'd make one more piece to add to the previous collection of two.  This time, Reia's ram (whom I've named Nadab) grazes in the tall green grass of the open meadow with his friends and fellow fleecy companions.  The dapper looking sheep with the pale pink bow-tie and black boots is named "Asher" which means happiness in Hebrew.  Oh, and Nadab means "free gift" and "prince" in Hebrew, which I felt was quite fitting since he seems to be Reia's favorite pet and most loyal companion.

I've got at least one more idea for Reia's story.  I'm thinking of a larger and final piece in which I paint Reia walking among her entire flock.  I can't think of a better way to end the series than to illustrate them all together, my happy clan.

Painting available here.
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