June 12, 2012

Want to win a pet portrait?

my booth on 57th Street, Chicago

my booth on 57th Street, Chicago

afro mama

So you know how I've been at these outdoor art shows for a few weeks now?  Well, I've been sitting there in my booth for hours and hours, watching as hundreds of people pass by, talking to a lot of them and hoping they don't notice me staring at their afro-headed dogs and puppies and poodles and who-knows-what breed of pooch.  As I sit and watch, it's becoming almost a game for me to try and spot the coolest looking dog or the cutest and smallest puppy.  I really think the type of pet someone owns says a lot about them.  My favorite for example are the giant dogs that, if freed from their leash , could be a very real threat to society.  They're like miniature horses!  Perhaps I like them so much because they make me, all 6 feet of me, feel small.  Or maybe it's because they remind me of something wilder, like a bear.

You also have probably guessed that my fixation on custom portraits has been growing.  I can't stop thinking about custom paintings...I think you know where this is going...

Sorry.  I get excited.

The only problem is that I own not a single pet to paint.  If custom pet portraits is something I wish to offer, I need subjects.  Which is where YOU come in.

Send me pictures of your pets, and I'll choose which ones I want to paint.
If you are so kind as to allow me the opportunity to use your pet portrait for promotional purposes (say that five times fast), I will GIVE you the portrait when I'm finished with it.

How does that sound? 

So here's your chance!  Send me your best pictures of your pets and if I choose your pet, you'll get free portrait! 

Here's a few hints of what I'm looking for:
dogs sitting up or walking on a leash
cats curled up on patterned rugs
dogs being walked by their owners
cats sitting in window sills

Send your photos to Michelle@TheArtofMichelle.com or post them to my facebook page for your chance to win!  I'll pick 2 winners- one cat and one dog.
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