July 23, 2012

back home!

I went from Naperville to Arkansas to Memphis and back home last week following art, animals, and my husband...not exactly in that order.  The art festival in Naperville was a hot one for sure and left me feeling pretty exhausted and ready for a break.  So when I got home on Sunday evening and finally unpacked, it didn't take long for the 9 hour crash.  The next morning Seth asked if I wanted to come to Memphis with him as he had a few work projects to finish there.  Since I really hadn't seen much of him for weeks, I said yes and was out the door within an hour!  While he worked I excitedly made a trip to the Memphis Zoo, which, by the way, was seriously fantastic.

Cat Country?  Um, yes please!  I saw panthers and ocelot and snow leopards and lion and cheetahs and tigers and some sort of lynx.  I was freaking out with all the 5 year olds.  Oh and the signs! 

Can I plllleeeeease illustrate for a zoo?  How does one go about applying for that type of job?  Oh how I wish I knew.  And cheetahs being used for hunting and riding on pillows?  I have to paint more cheetahs.

Plush Crested Jays!
I saw a lot of really beautiful birds, shiny snakes, skinny Dana Gazelle, swans, owls, exotic birds, flamingos, giraffes.  I loved every minute.

And while I was busy goofing off, Seth, my hard working husband, was climbing to the top (yes, the very top) of elevators in 100 degree heat and getting stung by hornets.  Poor guy.

And now it's Monday again and back to work.  Here's just a few things on my list:

1. finish my aunt's house portrait
2. stretch some canvas for a few just-for-fun oil paintings (of rabbits!)
3. spray paint some frames black and gold for a house project
4. update my e-mailing list
5. pay my sales tax (can I take this one off the list please?)
6. sketch, plan, color studies for new paintings

I was so inspired by my trip to the zoo, and I really can't wait to share some new ideas I have for paintings.  More updates to come!
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