July 25, 2012

from the sketchbook

Unlike my typical Moleskine sketchbooks, this one is for the very specific purpose of observing nature- both through writing and sketching.  I know it's for children.  I mean, it has stickers in the back and special glassine envelopes called "specimen pouches" tucked into the front cover for tiny natural found objects.  I know.  It's adorable and meant for a 10 year old.  But seriously!  Who wouldn't want this?  It's adorable and inspiring, and I've started filling it with my "observations."  I really can't wait to write "letters from the field" on the beautiful stationary in the back and plaster stickers all over the pages.  The kids get all the best stuff.

1: the cover, illustrated by the always wonderful Melissa Sweet
2: three variations of the Red Rat Snake and Black Forest Cobra from my trip to the Memphis Zoo
3: in my dreams...and inspired by 2 Cor. 1:3-5
4. black and white reversals, plans for large scale paintings?

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