July 26, 2012


Ok I get a little excited about a fresh canvas...I love the creamy color, the thick rough texture, the sound it makes as my brush bounces along the surface.  I found these old paintings I did in college and some folds of unused canvas in a bag that I'd been storing in some box somewhere in the abyss that is our basement.  Let's just say, these old canvases needed a new life.  So, I pulled the old off the frame and stretch and primed some new.  Not that I'm an oil painter or anything.  Because I'm really not.  But sometimes I think I just need an outlet, like a great big canvas and a set of huge brushes to loosen me up a bit.  I tend to get transfixed on the smallest details of my tiny watercolor paintings that doing something big and different sounds scary in a fun way.

So, I've decided to break out the oils and play.  I have only a vague direction and a few simple ideas.  For now, let's just call this a warm-up exercise.
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