July 27, 2012

the first layer

Last night as the rain poured just on the other side of my studio walls I took a little time to lay the first layer of paint on what I'm hoping becomes a simple, soft, black and white painting of my husband's horse.  I used a #8 round filbert brush for the entire layer, which is a much larger brush than my hand is used to holding.  The first layer of any painting should outline the big shapes and larger blocks of values.  I sketched the horse first, and you can still see the pencil marks creeping out from underneath layers of grey oil paint.  The next step will include a slightly smaller brush and more detail, but I may even go back in with a pencil and draw some more free flowing lines. Lines are what make it interesting up close, I think.

Anyways, is it friday already??  The olympics start today! How exciting.  I feel like I should do something to celebrate...maybe I'll go for a run?  Maybe I'll carry a torch as I run around the neighborhood?  Oh!  I should hang a flag out front!  Good one Michelle.  Much less embracing than carrying a torch around town.  ;)
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