July 5, 2012

color families

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I could stand in front of that wall of paint chips at Sherwin-Williams forever.  It's awesomely overwhelming, right?  When I used to have a studio downtown, it was right next to a Sherwin-Williams, and I'd go over there every now and again and gather paint samples for my color studies.

Well, I guess they've gone virtual in helping people like me pick out color families.  You just install a "Chip It!" button (like you would a "Pin It" button) to your toolbar.  When you find a picture you want to "chip," just click the button and viola!  They'll will match your image with corresponding paint chips and choose a color family based on the colors in your picture.  I don't necessarily need to repaint the house, but if I did how handy would this tool be?  What if you bought a painting and wanted a child's bedroom to match?  This tool is seriously cool.  I think I might use it to gather color palettes for specific series of paintings.  Or to just be inspired!  Technology like this makes me so happy.  :) 
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