July 10, 2012

we be blazin

I really thought it would have been much cooler at 6am when Corrie and I first started setting up the tent for the Lincoln Park art festival this past Saturday.  But no.  We were blazin.  And not in the sense that we were wearing our favorite blazers (eh hem JTB), but more in the sense of sweating through our clothes.  Blessedly enough for us, the temp dropped dramatically in the afternoon and the weekend turned out to be so beautiful!  

Is it Tuesday already?  I think yesterday was a blur...perhaps it was my nap that lasted entirely too long?  So tired from the weekend.

But I have some very exciting things coming down the road that I'm eager to share with you!  Oh and if I met you this weekend at the art festival, I'm so glad you landed here!  There were some pretty amazing people in Lincoln Park (what up Ty and Trace?) and some funny ones like Bob and John (if only I had an hour to sit and tell you THAT story).  And custom portraits!  People be loving those.  I'll be contacting you all soon, I promise.  It's on the list.  Somewhere...

But before I go and start checking things off my seriously ridiculous list of things to do before this next show, I wanted to announce that my originals are all back up in the shop for a few days.  Happy browsing!
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