August 13, 2012


It was a slow morning for us.  Aren't those the best kind anyways? It usually takes at least an hour to clear those clouds out of my head.  I sat on the front porch with coffee and breakfast and a stack of books, some to read and some to write in.  All morning I sat out there and watched the neighbors pull out of their driveways, headed to work.  Watched the finches eat their breakfast.  It must have rained in the night because the air today is thick and cool.  I sat out there until my coffee was cold and then came inside to find Seth had finally gotten out of bed.  Poor guy has been out of sorts lately and slept in today.  He even called in sick.  Now those are two things he almost never does.

I thought about the possibilities of the days and weeks ahead.  Perhaps I'll take a trip to the zoo this week.  I've been meaning to do that to get some new sketches and paintings going.  Maybe I'll unpack from the busy weekend.  Maybe I'll finish the paintings already on my table.  But for sure, what I long to do, is sit and think and plan and dream of my next series of paintings.  I have these stories already filling the empty space in my head, crowding out other important things.  Really, I've got to do some writing.  What I really need is some time away from the routine of things to gather as much inspiration as possible, to draw and travel and to write my stories.  To get out of the studio for a while and go exploring.  Then, bring all that inspiration back and begin brand new.

Speaking of inspiring, I found this postcard set from Yelena Bryksenkova which I hung in my favorite little corner of the house.  This spot in the kitchen at the sink is where I do a lot of my thinking and all of my dishes.  It's where I daze out the double windows and clean with candles going and perfume filling the house.  It's also where I watch my tiny African Violets bloom and where my gnome likes to hide.

I hope on a dreary monday like today you too can find inspiration in tiny corners.
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