August 24, 2012

the last one

This weekend marks my final outdoor art event of the year: the Lincoln Art & Balloon Festival.  Lincoln, IL is where I was born and raised, which means this particular show will be more fun and comfortable for me in so many ways, not the least of which will be all the familiar faces.  I'll have quite a bit more work this time around than last including this painting of my dream home- a cabin in a pine forest.  Can you even imagine how amazing it would smell in your home all year round to, not only live among the aromatic pines, but to have a pine wood fire blazing inside?  I could also imagine some sheep and a few horses outside my window, grazing in the tall grass.  And maybe some chickens out back for fresh eggs every morning...

Come and see this painting- in its entirety- at the show if you can!  I'd love to see you.
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