August 31, 2012

Prairie Creek Farm

I've been field trippin' it lately- once a week.  That's my goal anyways.  I don't want to become one of these artists that just sits in her studio all the time, painting, alone, from a computer screen or pictures, forgetting how to go out and do things.  Forgetting how to talk to people.  I want to see the sights, you know?  To experience things.  To be inspired.  To meet awesome people who know some things and can teach me.

So, after days of cleaning off the dust from my last art festivals, I took a field trip to a friendly farm with red barns and Barred Rock chickens and lots and lots of blooming flowers.  I've been commissioned to paint this farm, which excites me so much!  There is character and coziness in abundance here.  Don't you just love old farmsteads?  They call this one Prairie Creek Farm.

There are already paintings in my head of red barns and clucking chicken portraits...

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