September 7, 2012

 My field trip this week came between the torrents of rain and dark clouds.  On a quiet night when Seth was away for work, I took a drive to a local gem I've mentioned before on the blog.  When we were dating Seth and I used to drive through these woods on our way to other places in the Fall when the leaves turn golden.  I remember thinking how great it would be to live closer to these magical woods, to visit more often, to walk among the tall trees whenever I want.  And now, I do!  I am so blessed!

There's also this great little room inside the Nature Center where you can sit and identify all the different birds they attract with feeders.  That's where I plan to go next- once the rain lets up.  (The sky is thundering and hissing as I write this!)  I'd love to just sit in the bird viewing room and draw birds all morning long.  They'd be my live models.  :)

There is always plenty to do in the studio though.  Have I mentioned my October gallery show coming up?  I can't wait to be able to share my new series of oil paintings with you.  One of Seth's good friends has made me two 5x4' canvas frames!  Can you believe it?  I'm so excited to be painting that large again.  Well, excited and intimidated in equal measure...

I'll be on Instagram posting updates if you're interested.  Follow me, and I'll follow you back!

Happy Friday to you.
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