August 6, 2012

weekend images

My weekend in images include...

1&2. my brilliantly beautiful English roses I've been dreaming of for months
(practically a steal at 70% off) 
3. purpley and pinkish hued stained glass from a local artist- now hanging in my kitchen window (kind of matches the colors of my roses!)
4. our kitchen with a new light and new window art (painting the ceiling is next)
5. the start of a bathroom makeover
6. three new projects in the studio- Ulia, whales, peonies
7&8. studio inspiration boards include bright and playful colors next to neutrals- a nice balance.

The temperature has dropped a bit this morning thanks to a nice thunderstorm this weekend which means I'll be spending some time outside today.  Then, it's back to the studio for painting, packaging prints, sending emails, and doing laundry- all the essentials before my next show.  Hope your week is off to a great start!

(Go team USA!  I am loooooving the Olympics and losing so much sleep.)
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