October 17, 2012

A Winter House Portrait

Our Winter Home
Watercolor on paper, 8x10
It's still a little early to be thinking about snow, I realize.  But we had this empty spot on our wall that really needed filling, and seeing as Christmas and winter is right around the bend, I thought I'd try to envision our house engulfed in thick smooth layers of soft snow.  I love snow!  And twinkle lights.  And red cardinals.

Any ideas where I can find a good wreath for our front door like the one in the painting?  Full and piney with little red berries or a gold ribbon tied into a bow at the top?  Any Etsy shops you know of that sell handmade Fall and Winter wreaths?

Here's an example of a winter house portrait for all those curious minds wondering what painted snow looks like...mostly just white paper huh?  I've officially painted houses in all seasons now!  Feel free to browse the collection here.

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