October 22, 2012

Seth and I returned home last night after a few days away to find our town has nearly turned completely black and white.  All of our neighbors were building great piles of leaves and that Fall smell of burning leaves filled our car as we pulled into our drive.  This time of year always makes me so thankful!  Thankful for where we live, for the life we have, for the colors and the baby squirrels emerging from their summer nests.  You should see these baby squirrels I spotted on my morning walk.  They were about the size of my hand with long velvety white tails.  I went back for a picture, but instead got the warning look of a very protective parent. Next time, perhaps.  :)

And now, as I sit in my studio and listen to the thunder clapping and the rain pounding I am thankful for work.  It's the kind of work I miss when I'm away.  The kind of work that is always on my mind.  I am so grateful to be in my own home with a line-up of customers.  It is the best life.

So thank you to all of the wonderful people who believe in what I do and allow me to paint all day long!  You are truly the best and most loyal customers.  I am thankful for you!
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