October 3, 2012

long walks

In spite of everything going on in my life at the moment, I've been taking nice long walks around this small town several times a day.  The trees are brilliant in their fall displays and are dropping their gold and plum colored leaves before me as I crunch my way down the rain-soaked sidewalks.  The neighborhood squirrels and and black and white cats greet me as I stroll by, barely noticing me in their nut cracking frenzy and lazy strolls through late blooming gardens.  This is what my life has come to- talking to squirrels and cats, pointing my camera up into my neighbor's tree to get a better view of their black capped chickadees.

I'm not crazy, I tell myself.  Just a little lonely from time to time.  It's to be expected, right?  All of my time has been spent quietly pushing paint across large and intimidating canvases, thinking of my husband far away, texting my little sister and best friend in excess.

But he's home now and sick to boot!  A sick Seth is certainly better than no Seth at all.  And before I know it next week will be here and all of the big-scary-intimidating things I've been anxious about for months will be over (namely quitting my day job, starting my own business, hanging my gallery show, giving my artist talk on opening night to room full of people).

Then, the fun begins!  Three months of painting houses and portraits and sitting outside on my porch swing and drinking lots of apple cider and reading books and dates with Seth and visiting family and friends.  I'm so excited!

What is it like where you are?  Are the trees all changing?  What are your plans for Fall?
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