October 11, 2012

sewing and drinking tea

Tea Time
16x20 oil on canvas, $525

Sewing a Luna
16x20 oil on canvas, $525

These two paintings are for vintage lovers.  I can appreciate the modern minimalist movement, but there is just something so enticing about these heavy old sewing machines and long handled tea kettles that makes me appreciate vintage design.  So ornate and beautiful.  The balance between form and function with an emphasis on detail.

I've included the Monarch butterfly and Luna moth as a way of mimicking the delicate details of each subject- the colors and gentle curves.  It's as if the Monarch knew it was time for tea and came quickly and the Luna stretches its wings, ready to fly, breaking free from the binding string.

Now, I realize I don't typically take the "still life" path in my work.  But I'm liking more and more the idea of combining living things- butterflies, animals, people- with nonliving.  As a way of giving life and story to all things.  I hope that doesn't sound weird.  These are just some ideas I've been toying with lately.

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