November 23, 2012

The Foster Farm

This Thanksgiving Seth and I made the very short trip to the Foster's (remember the barn we got married in?) and stuffed ourselves with homemade everything.  Everything about this place gives me the warm fuzzies: the people, the food, the horses, and the kittens.  Five little kittens!  High up in the hay loft in the Foster's big white barn now live five little mouse-hunting, playful, and snuggly kittens.  Two black, two gray striped, and one very affectionate black and white kitten who got most of my attention.  They really have it made up there in the hay loft with so many places play and sleep and explore.

And then there's Tag, Seth's white quarter horse who rolls in the mud until he's Seth's gray and brown quarter horse.  I love their winter coats and Tag's long pretty mane.  And those fuzzy Mule ears get me every time.

So here's a little part of my Thanksgiving day, and did I mention how thankful I am to you for meeting me here so often?  I'm always thankful for a space to share and for a friend who hears.
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