November 21, 2012

Gray Skies

If summer is a painting with bright emerald greens and aureolin yellows, then winter is definitely a drawing.  Like the Creator is opening his giant sketchbook and showing us, one tree at a time, His grand design.  As sad as it is to see all the color wash off His palette with each new rain, there's something about winter that I just love.  It's bare and revealing, monotoned and quiet.  The earth is exhaling, taking a break from all its showy Autumn displays.

Winter calms a person down and reminds me that I don't always have to be working.  There is, after all, a season for everything according to Proverbs.  And this season is for cold walks under gray skies, wool socks and knitted sweaters, crock pots filling the house with the smell of warm soup, and indoor activities like reading, drawing, painting, cooking, and partying.

So, I might not have too many new paintings to show you over the next month.  All of my work now must be kept secret until Christmas.  I'll have to be more creative with my posts until I can start a new collection of personal work in January.  In the mean time, perhaps I'll open my sketchbook and share some plans with you.

Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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