November 14, 2012

Pictures that Tell a Story

Hello friends!  Are you enjoying your week so far?  I am starting to feel that holiday excitement too.  This holiday season for me will be one like never before.  It's my first "self-employed" Christmas season and the custom orders are already streaming in so quickly that I fear I won't be able to keep up.  It's a wonderful dilemma and one I thank God for everyday, but it is, as you can imagine, quite overwhelming at times.  My "to do" list is growing at such a fast rate!

One of the things on my "to do before the holiday rush" list is to update the product photography in my shop.  It's been a long time coming with many hours of behind the scenes work and brainstorming to come up with such a simple concept to show off my prints.  The cardinal rule in selling work online is photography.  How well does your customer understand your product?  Can they visualize the size, color, texture, weight, etc?  And since I'm in the market for visual story-telling, photographing my work is crucial in conveying each story my paintings tell.

So, as simple as these new product photos seem, I'm so proud to have them in the shop as I strive to have the prettiest, clearest, and most efficient shop possible.  I'll be adding new print sets and paintings all winter long, so be sure to check back often if you are in the market for some cute Christmas gifts.  (Click the images to get started.)

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