November 12, 2012


Yesterday was cold and windy and then a little rainy and windy.  I snuck outside for a walk mid-afternoon before the clouds finally burst open and poured rain the rest of the evening.  The diffused natural light in our house during heavy rains is so dark and moody and blue.  After church on Sundays I typically sit and read and draw and paint, but since that has now become my everyday routine I've been trying to find other things to fill my Sundays, hence the plant pictures.  I recently acquired a new Canon Rebel T3i and am equally thrilled and intimidated by it.  Even more intimidated to post the photos!  But thanks to the inspiration of natural light food photographer/blogger Marte Marie Forsberg and a little help from my friends on Instagram, I'm encouraged to get to know my camera a little better.  My indoor garden has provided the perfect non-moving subject matter necessary for practice.  I have so much to learn (as you can clearly see!).

I just love the dark bluish greens and the way all the plants lean in toward the light as if they're reaching for the sun.  If I had it my way, I'd shove plants in every corner of my home.  It'd be a near rainforest in here!  And if I'm going to have a rainforest in my home, I might as well add exotic butterflies!  Oh, that'd be so dreamy...but now I'm getting carried away.
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