November 5, 2012

The Visitor

How was your weekend friend?  Is it getting cold where you live?  My closet is slowly filling up with sweaters and leggings and mittens.  I do love this time of year!

I have been making plenty of plans for new winter paintings, but while those sketches are brewing it's been nice to work on something familiar in between all the custom work.  Butterflies!  My mother-in-law saw this gorgeous swallowtail in her yard this past summer and was quick enough to photograph it in time to capture its wings both clasped shut and wide open.  The underside of the hind wings are a gorgeous blue and orange and black and white pattern.  I had the pictures propped up against my easel, beckoning me, for the longest time.  Suddenly last week I just picked up a canvas and started painting!  So far I am loving the dark and light contrast and repetitive pattern.  I think I'll call it The Visitor.  This is the first layer.

Just thought I'd share!  Hope your week is off and running.
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