December 20, 2012

Morning Paint Sketch

Two nights ago, alone at my kitchen counter, I started journaling and thinking about the year to come.  Here's a little portion of what I wrote that night:

"What if I bought a little travel size watercolor set & a small book of watercolor paper to practice with? I'm thinking of Rebecca Rebouche's blog where she posted her daily sketches from her journal/sketchbook.  It's so amazing.  Plus, it would loosen me up a bit & give me some much needed practice.  I just don't want to get "stuck" in the mentality that I can only paint houses & pets, etc.  Custom work is a blessing, but I certainly don't want to be limited by it."

So the next day I finished my work early and headed out of town to get my supplies: one tiny 14 color watercolor set complete with pullout trays, one 7x10" mix media Canson sketchbook, and two 6x6" watercolor pads.

What will come of this project?  I'm not exactly sure.  One thing I'm certain of is how heavily I rely on my sketchbook to generate ideas and how easy it is to get out of the habit of working playing in it every day.  That said, I'd like to invite you into my world in a more personal way by showing you the process and not just the finished work.  Will you join me?

I'll call them my "morning paint sketches."
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