December 27, 2012

Morning Paint Sketch: Blue Jay

Did you have a nice Christmas?  I hope so!  This time of year can, in all honesty, be so stressful that I'm finding a return to my daily routine comforting, reassuring, calming.  Seth and I were talking just yesterday during our short drive home from a family gathering about how foreign it is to wake up with nothing to do!  We spent most of Christmas day on the couch drinking coffee, eating homemade cinnamon bread, and watching our favorite shows on TV.  How unusual and restful it was.

I'm happy to be developing a new habit these days- morning paint sketches.  It's so fun and gives me a chance to play around a little with no pressure for perfection.  I've always loved morning reading and journaling and have found a way to combine them both with my other great love: painting!

Today's paint sketch was inspired by the Jay-Jay! sound I heard this morning right outside our front window: a beautiful Blue Jay!  I'm in love with him and practically RUN to the window when I hear his loud distinct call.  I learned this morning that Jays often live in giant oaks or pine trees, so I painted him here with a pinecone.  I like to imagine him soaring through a great pine forest on his way home to his nest.
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