January 2, 2013


Snow!  Puffy white flakes of magic fell on our hair and on our shoes and blew into our coats yesterday as we went exploring in the woods and on the farm and with the kittens in the barn.  I've been absent from my studio and from the internet for days now, and have loved every minute of life!  My best friend came down for New Years Eve, and we spent every waking moment talking and laughing and dreaming and journaling and goal-setting and planning the rest of our year.  I bought her (and myself) this 2013 Day Designer by Whitney English for Christmas, and turns out, the thing is a gold mine for creative entrepreneurs like ourselves.  It gave us endless hours of things to talk about and plan for and opened our eyes to all of our many dreams...most of which we share.  To live in the woods and have a giant studio.  To create lots of new art.  To memorize Scripture.  To start a family.  To go all out on our dreams.

That's what a new year does, I suppose.  Gives us all a fresh start and inspires new dreams and goals.  It's such an exciting thing!  I have so much more to share with you in the weeks and months to come.  I do hope you'll share your dreams with me as well!
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