January 10, 2013

snowy winter cards

Custom Painting for Bethel College
8x10" Mixed Media
My artwork on Bethel's Christmas Card
Designed by Katherine Ross
Peifer Family House Portrait
8x10" Mixed Media
My artwork and design for the Peifer's Christmas card

 It's starting with nothing (a blank sheet of paper), envisioning a finished product (a Christmas card), committing to the goal, adjusting along the way, putting it all together, and admiring the final product.  That's the process I love so much, that brings me a heart of satisfaction.  Last year I happily accepted an invitation to help create two different custom Christmas cards, and now I can happily share them both with you!

The first is a painting for the Bethel College president's Christmas card.  It's a vignette of a little spot on campus complete with the president and his wife on a stroll and lots of trees and snow and wildlife.  From what I gathered the campus is quaint and beautiful, so painting it under a soft blanket of snow seemed the appropriate thing to do.  The people, wildlife, and warmer tones helped to make the campus look active and inviting even through the winter months.

The Peifer's Christmas postcard gave me a chance to see my house portrait in action.  Margaret wanted her and her husband's portrait on the back with a few important dates from the year.  I was so pleased when I picked all 250 postcards & envelopes up from the printers!  The glossy finish and heavy cardstock made the cards feel finished and professional.  After I delivered them to her house, all Margaret had to do was address and stamp, and the cards were out the door the very next day!

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