February 12, 2013

Landscape 2: An Irish Cottage

An Irish Cottage
11x14" watercolor on paper

An Irish Cottage zoom
A white stone cottage set against dark rolling hills.  Sheep mowing down the lawn and resting in the tall slanted grass.  I think there might be rain in the forecast.  The family who lives here isn't too worried about rain, though.  In fact, they've come to really love storms.  The boy and the girl sit and watch the clouds roll over the dark hills through their bedroom windows until the shadow covers the little cottage.  The baby cries.  And the dad falls asleep in his chair by the fire.  Or so I imagine it to be.

Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so.  I spent most of mine dreaming, as usual.  This time of a new cottage on an Irish farm.  I live in a place very different from this scenic farm, in a little uneventful but quaint-in-its-own-way town.  There are sheep in barns right outside town who sometimes jump the old fences and stand on the other side to eat the grass.  Literally the grass is sometimes greener over there, I think.  I bet those sheep dream of places this wide open with so much grass they could never fill up!

Other dreams I had this weekend included one about catching baby birds and stuffing them in pillow cases.  I woke up wondering at the purpose but had a strange sense that the birds would be ok.  I don't dream often, but when I do they are always very peculiar.  And usually about birds.

In other news my blog got a facelift (again)!  In an effort to create a simpler way to navigate and a more cohesive brand I've stripped off the unnecessary and hand-lettered the banner.  Let's hope this look sticks. ;)

*This painting is part two of a new twelve part landscape series.  See part one here.
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