February 18, 2013

new work space

I am really so excited to be writing to you from my new (old) desk and upstairs-by-the-window work space!  I love the light in our house and how the shadows shift from room to room.  In the morning it's soft and cool, but by 10:00 the shadows are already slanting into the hallway and creeping into the next room.  And then there's this golden hour that comes about 4:00 everyday when I come upstairs from my basement studio and find the entire house illuminated like a giant glowing balloon.

I just love natural light and the way it makes me feel so inspired.  So, this weekend I dragged Corrie along with me to this great antique store near my house, bought a new (old) table, and begged my husband for a little space in his office, which he so lovingly gave me as he rarely even uses the room.  Just like that I have a work space upstairs right in front of a big 'ol window that let's me in on that soft and cool morning light.  I must say, these squirrels digging holes all over my back yard might be a little distracting, but other than that I am loving it!

The screech owl painting was inspired by a this little guy who was disguised in a tree above my husband's head on Saturday when Seth came to pick up my table.  I've never seen a screech in person so close up!  It really made my day.  :)
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