February 21, 2013

winter days

Well, it seems mother winter has really dug her claws in now.  Nothing but cold gray skies and windy howling nights for us.  This is the part of winter that makes me crazy all cooped up inside and anticipating Spring so much I can hardly stand it.  Even the birds have grown silent in the tree tops thanks to a few unwelcome predators (hawks!).  It takes sheer discipline and focus on my behalf to renew my inspiration each morning.

Now listen to me being all melodramatic.  I'll tell you one thing that cheers me up- a new book called The Paris Wife.  I've heard so many good things about it.  I can hardly wait to read it!  Have you read it?  I think I'll sit by the window today and read it for a while and drink some coffee and forget all about the snow and rain and wind happening on the other side of that window.  Isn't that how we all get through the winter?
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