February 25, 2013

Landscape 3: Winter Trees

Winter Trees
original watercolor on paper 11x14"
I imagine cities full of trees and chimneys full of smoke, in winter, with bright red cardinals darting from tree limb to tree limb.  The skies are so cool and gray.  I have my own version of cityscapes swirling around my head, but sometimes, when it comes to painting, it can be tricky snatching up the fragments of inspiration and gathering them all in one place.  I feel so inspired by cities, although I really don't understand them or how a person could live and thrive there as I'm so used to the wide open fields and ribbons of forest around these parts.  So, I combined a few of my loves here- forests and tall windowed apartment buildings for this week's landscape.  It's part three of the series.  More to come!

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