April 15, 2013

a new painting cycle

Much like the natural world art typically lends itself to a certain cycle. For me it goes something like this...

sudden interrupting thought
...days, weeks, or even months go by...
more journal
more photos
more ideas
more sketchbook

A few weeks ago the cycle started over with the conclusion of the 12 Bird Challenge and a new idea came to me: what if I created a brand new series of life-sized paintings? It sounds SO exciting, don't you think?  The paintings will probably have a forest theme & will tell some kind of story but the imagery is still pretty abstract at this point. Words are important during this stage of planning and will eventually stick together in a way that makes more sense and forms a story. Once I have a better understanding of the story, the imagery will make itself evident and I'll begin the sketchbook stage. So much more to come!

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