April 10, 2013

birds & bunnies

Last week I read this post about robins on Design*Sponge and now it's like I've been seeing them everywhere. Birds and bunnies in my front yard give me an excuse to test drive my new 75-300mm zoom lens (gifted to me by some very generous in-laws). I think that last bird is called an Eastern Towhee...and it's the first time I've seen one up close! So pretty.

As you well know birds are so inspiring for me. I think about what it must be like to sit at the very top of a tree and look down at the world, unencumbered. There are all these giant old trees in our neighborhood and when I go for walks beneath their singing canopies I just imagine all that's taking place above me: robins building nests and raising families, squirrels curling up inside burrowed holes, dark clouds scraping against the top branches, and year after year of leaves budding and blooming and falling. Trees really have their own stories don't they?
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