April 8, 2013


The sun has been brighter than ever, the grass greener, and the breeze blowing through our curtains sweeter. Is it just me or does there seem to be magic in the air? I'm just so in love with Spring, budding trees, warm sun on my face when I go for walks through parks and forests and neighborhoods. Yesterday Seth took me for a two hour hike through a wildlife preserve and Saturday my mom came over and helped me clean out the flower bed in my front yard. So many green things are popping up in there! I was only able to fill about half the little garden with flowers and sedum last year before my "yard" funds and energy were completely zapped. This Spring I hope we can finish the other half. I have dreams of lavender and lilac bushes, creeping vines and climbing roses. So many dreams.

Meanwhile, inside, there have been piles of books and sketches and delicious fruit smoothies. And when our groceries run low I usually resort to large bowls of peas and eggs. Weird, I know. But it gets me through until my next trip to town, which hopefully will be soon as I have prints to pick up and mail out! Thank you all so much for your orders! I'm actually working right now on designing a little card set to go with the 12 Bird series. I do hope to have them finished soon.

Until then I hope you enjoy the Spring weather, wherever you happen to be today!
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