May 7, 2013

Sibling Portraits

Custom Child Portrait 11x14"
I hardly know where to begin with this portrait. These three kiddos are so full of personality with their kittens and chickens and cute little outfits that it made my job pretty easy. I just love it when kids and their pets are painted together. It's my first sibling portrait actually, and since I enjoyed it so much I've now made custom sibling portraits available in my shop! I do hope to paint more of these soon.

Other than painting and cleaning which seems to be the bulk of my day to day tasks, I've been catching my breath from the SCBWI conference I attended this past weekend. It was truly amazing. If you've ever been curious about writing or illustrating children's books, visit back here in the next few weeks as I'll be sharing some of the best and most current information about the industry. I learned so much and was overflowing with excitement that I had to rest most of the day yesterday just to regain my strength and composure!

I can't wait to share more, but for now I wanted to just drop in and say hi and show you something new.
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