May 1, 2013

Spring green

It's so exciting to see the world come back to life! The forests are turning green and the birds are back to building nests and raising families. I've been seeing so many cardinals paired off in treetops and baby  bunnies finally ready to explore the world. Typically my breaks during the day consist of walking around my neighborhood or running errands in town or mushroom hunting with a few friends, but mostly it's been work work work for me these past few weeks. If you've been so kind as to place an order in my shop recently, thank you! I am hoping to finish everything in time for Mother's Day gift-giving. Plus, I'm attending a SCBWI conference this weekend which requires quite a bit of preparatory work- things like character studies and portfolio reviews. Yikes! So much to do.

I may have to neglect all social media and blogging until after these projects are finished. But I do hope to have a little more time after the holiday and conference. Wish me luck as I'll be attending my first conference alone and hoping my solitary status pushes me out of my typical reservations and helps me to meet new friends! Why is it always more intimidating to do things alone?

Anyways, I hope to have lots to share upon my return, but for now, I hope you're having a great Spring!
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