June 18, 2013


custom 9x12 house portrat

custom 11x14 house portrait
 Lately I've had the pleasure of painting some really amazing homes. My absolute favorite is opening my inbox in the morning to find pictures of beautifully manicured lawns, orange striped cats, and big blooming trees and bushes. I just love it when the email reads "please include all the flowers in the front yard" or "feel free to spruce the painting up with flowers and ferns." I hear all sorts of stories about how far the house has come and how many trees the husband has planted and how meaningful each house is to its owner. I spend so much time looking at each house that I really can't help conjuring up my own stories. I truly am so thankful for all of those stories.

I've allowed myself a little break from personal painting for a while (and by that I mean paintings that aren't for sale). It's nice to have a "breather" and time each morning to write in my journal and doodle in the sketchbook, just to dream a little without the pressure of a deadline. The fruit of that quiet time will surely grow and ripen with each passing day until it is ready to be plucked from the tree and shared with the world.

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