June 17, 2013

My little garden

Last week I battled allergies and a fever almost every day, which made ordinary tasks seem much larger than they actually are. I fell a little behind in my work and gardening, but was thankful this morning to have my health back and a nice shady spot to plant my heirloom carrots, tomatoes, herbs, and perennials. I decided to do just a few vegetables in pots on our front porch this year so as to avoid the long hot hours of weed-pulling I've faced years previous.

Last year about this time I dug out a grassy patch in our front yard between the bushes and the sidewalk and filled it mostly in with flowers and sedum. There are just a few patches left this year that need some brightly colored blooms. I hope to post more photos this summer as it all fills in.

I just love gardening, don't you? What are your favorite things to grow?
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