July 1, 2013

Crown of Flowers

Today is sunny yet cool and breezy. Perfect, really. I'll be in the studio most of the day, drinking iced coffee and listening to Empire of the Sun on Spotify. I'm working on a Summer playlist to share with you, but there are just so many good songs I'm having a hard time narrowing it down! I've found that painting and listening to good music loud in the privacy of my own little room puts me in the best mood. Especially with the windows open and the curtains swaying in the breeze. It's my happy place. :)

Anyways, I wanted to share an on-going project I've been working on for weeks now. This first painting will be one of several in a series for an up-scale hair salon in Seattle. Carolann is the sweetest and most stylish gal and is married to a web developer who just so happens to be building me a new website. Paintings for a new website- pretty sweet deal. The paintings will feature floral crowns and butterflies with of course the focal point being the hair. More to come.

Hope your week is off to a sunny start!
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