September 4, 2013

Monday's ride

 September, already. Oh, I am going to love this month. I'm ready for cooler weather, harvest, apples orchards, and long hours in the studio painting, painting, painting. Seth and I have been riding a wee bit more this summer than last- he on Tag and me on Piper. She's a gentle auburn colored mule with the sweetest disposition. Do you see her peaking from behind the hitching post? So precious and a little shy. I just love her.

We don't typically go too far from home to ride, taking little day trips every now and then to a forest preserve less than an hour away. Seth's been riding his whole life and could go for hours and days and week probably without the slightest hesitation. I, on the other hand, am much less experienced and tire easily. It's harder than it looks but so fun once you get used it. 
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