January 14, 2014

a few special portraits

I try not to bombard you with house portraits, but only share a few special ones here and there. These two were purchased from husbands looking to please their wives for their anniversaries. How thoughtful is that? The sweetest thing is the level of involvement most men take to insure their wives love the gift- emailing me with countless questions and pointing out every part of the house that's special to their wives so I'll be sure to include them in the portraits.

And, more often than not, these thoughtful husbands follow through by sending me emails after their wives open their new house portraits, detailing the entire event and saying things like "it made her tear up" and "it was the perfect gift" and "thank you so much."

The truth is that I'm the most grateful of all! It's such a blessing to work with such a kind tribe of customers who really care about their families and want to share what I do with them. I'm so thankful every day for the chance to serve people in a way I love most- through my art.
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